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Beaucourt is one hour’s journey from Basel, which makes it the perfect location for weekend stays or a quiet residence outside the city. The little town in the French part of the Jura is located near Montbéliard and Belfort – two cities where you can find the typical French provincial lifestyle, far from the tourist track but with plenty of French savoir vivre. From here you can go on many diverse discovery tours!

Beaucourt has just over 5,100 inhabitants and used to be an industrial town from 1776 to 1970, characterized by the Japy family which supplied the world with mass-produced clockworks and other high-quality mechanical products. The Japy family inhabited about a dozen of manors around a private park in Beaucourt, today’s Parc des Cèdres. Few of the original châteaux still exist in the park; one of them is the newly renovated Château Fernand Japy.

Beaucourt has a supermarket as well as various shops for daily needs. Additional specialty stores can be found in the direction of Montbéliard, 10-15 minutes by car.

Beaucourt is a convenient starting point for bicycle tours, hiking, fishing, golf in Prunevelle and LaLargue, culinary excursions to the Burgundy region and even skiing in the Vosges Mountains. As lord or lady of the manor, you can also take part in the local excursions we organise. Beaucourt also organises many evenings of music and theatre.

Beaucourt has excellent transportation links. The French A36 motorway is eleven kilometres away, the Swiss A16 motorway (Transjurane) in the direction of Delémont-Basel/Bern is six kilometres away. The Belfort-Montbéliard TGV station is accessible within 20 minutes with a direct bus connection from Beaucourt.

Château Fernand Japy, Allée du Château, F-90500 Beaucourt with the coordinates: 47.488311, 6.917884.


From Car or Train Time Route

Car: via A35, A36, N1019

Train: TGV Belfort-Montbéliard

1 h


Mulhouse – Belfort – Delle – Beaucourt

+20min by taxi or bus


Car: via A3, A35, A36, N1019

Car: via A3, H18, A16

Train:  TGV Belfort-Montbéliard

2 h

2 h

1 h45min

Basel – Mulhouse – Belfort – Delle – Beaucourt

Basel/Hagnau – Laufen – Delémont – Porrentruy – Delle – Beaucourt

+20min by taxi or bus


Car: via A16, N1019

Train: Station Delle

2 h

2 h

Biel – Delémont – Porrentruy – Delle – Beaucourt

+10min by taxi or bus

FREIBURG i.B Car: via A5, A36, N1019 1 h20min Mulhouse – Belfort – Delle – Beaucourt
Roudmap to Beaucourt